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In a future where MRI technology can read your mind, the trial of the century soon begins when a defendant faces his own memory for a double murder he doesn't remember committing.




Henri Miller is a successful restaurateur and family man living the quintessential American dream. On the eve of the opening of his third restaurant while showing his proud minister father, Joseph, around his farm, Henri finally succumbs to a medical history that has trailed him since childhood—unexplained headaches that have increased in pain and intensity over the years.

Raced to Worcester Hospital, his family braces for the worst when Henri seemingly recovers in the emergency room without any medical intervention. Revealed that he has been secretly seeing a neurologist, his wife Margaret demands that Dr. Pullman disclose the medical history. With all but one test remaining, Pullman convinces Henri to have the new FVMRI procedure – an MRI-like machine that will read Henri’s long-term memory in video form.

Although Henri’s relationship with Joseph and his mother Maria has been recently cordial, Henri doesn’t want to relive his past, a past that will reveal the hatred he had for his father and detest for religion that has plagued him since a childhood exorcism.

When the FVMRI procedure apparently reveals that Henri shot and killed two people running away from him on his farm, all worry of his relationship with his father takes a backseat when this memory video excerpt is sent to the District Attorney who reopens a previous investigation involving Henri – two missing contractors who were responsible for Henri losing over $250,000 in revenue from his restaurants.

Faced with the memory of a crime Henri doesn’t remember, the first Superior Court trial in Massachusetts with evidence introduced from the defendants own mind is soon underway. When the memory evidence of Henri allegedly shooting these two contractors is shown to the world, Joseph immediately falls ill in the courtroom having witnessed that exact memory before…in 1944.

With time running out and Henri’s guilt of second degree murder all but assured, counsel, family and friends search two continents for answers. Kept from the public and in the hands of the government, justice will finally reveal that Henri’s last bastion of privacy – his mind – will answer to all crimes – those of the present and those of a past forged in hatred, guilt…and genocide.

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